Brent Everett fucks flexible young muscle bottom Brent Everett and Luke Adams in Sunkissed

Sunkissed - Muscle Twink Porn

Brent Everett is an artist and a nude Luke Adams is his subject on this tropical day by the pool. When Brent starts to get playful, Luke is all game, positioning himself perfectly for Brent’s big dick face-fuck. Brent then jams his face between Luke’s plump ass cheeks, spits in his sweet hole, and devours it with his tongue. With Luke’s ass ready for a hard pounding, Brent stuffs his huge cock into Luke’s tight hole and fucks that perfect ass hard. Gifs after the jump…

Paddy O’Brian fucks Flex in ‘Body Lockers’ Big dicked boxer fucks his coach

Boxer fucks his coach
Paddy O’Brian is training for a big match that is on the horizon, but he can’t focus as he has a stalker on his case. Not to mention, he hasn’t had sex in four weeks! Gifs after the jump…

Anthony Verusso eats Ryan Rose’s juicy ass Poolside Part 1

Ryan Rose Anthony Verusso 002

Ryan Rose playfully makes out with Anthony Verusso; Ryan is standing in the pool one step below Anthony, but they see eye to eye thanks to Ryan’s tall, muscled stature. When Anthony sits down, Ryan’s cock is at the perfect height for sucking. With lots of tongue, Anthony pleasures Ryan’s cock, and Ryan urges him on with a hand at the back of his head. Anthony leans back and Ryan squats above him, revealing his hole for rimming. Gifs after the jump…

Naked Cliff Jensen’s big cock sucked in his neighbor’s shower Cliff Jensen and Luke Adams in The Apartment Part 1

Luke Adams sucks and fucks new neighbor

A hung guy’s shower is broken so he drops by his new neighbor’s apartment to borrow his. A naked Cliff Jensen gets himself ready for a shower in the bathroom, as his host Luke Adams stands at the door watching, checking with the naked stud that he has everything he needs. The nude stranger modestly cups his junk, asking for a fresh bar of soap. Gifs after the jump…

Ruined Orgy Bruno Bernal takes on six guys

Bruno Bernal - Six man orgy
From Bulldog Pit: “As we’re slowly built towards an orgy of epic proportions, we’re guided first by giant dicked James Dixon, playing with his huge veiny shaft, shooting all over himself before heading straight over to Marco’s place to get his dick serviced properly by his smooth peachy ass, shooting an even bigger load all over his prize twink!” Gifs after the jump…

Beach Buddy Bromance Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich

Marcel Gassion Brian Jovovich 000

It’s a lot more fun to exercise early in the morning especially if you aren’t doing it alone! Marcel Gassion and Brian Jovovich start the day on the beach with a run, followed by a few playful push ups. Marcel as you see him on the beach is the real Marcel we all know, talkative and playful, but when they get back to the house he loses interest in talking so much and ends up focusing all his energy getting Brian’s big dick inside of him!  Gifs after the jump…

Anal Anger Twink shows his 'Yes-Sir!' mentality


Maverick Men: “I know we named this video “Anal Anger”, but honestly it should also be called, “Awesome Fucking Sex!”. Our boy Marco turned out to be quite a surprise in the sack… Gifs after the jump…

U Smoke It, U Suck It College boys gangbang

Fraternity X U Smoke It U Suck It 000

From U Smoke It, U Suck It, “We really hope Brad enjoyed that cigarette he pinched cause once we found out he took it we made sure he fucking earned it.” See the trailer at Fraternity X. Gifs after the jump…

Double Thick Dick College guy takes two fat cocks

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TEXT FROM ROOMIE DAKOTA: “These guys were the bomb, well, at least their cocks were. They just kept blowing loads, one after the another. I took a few loads up my ass and then doubled downed on some thick dick. Jammed two fatties down my throat while some dude made a mess of my back door.” Gifs after the jump…

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