‘This is what we do all day’ Hung twinks get their cocks out and fuck

Jack Harrer Paul Mekas Roger Lambert 010

Awesome bareback threeway with Paul Mekas, Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert.
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Turn My Son Into a Whore Pt. 2 John Magnum and Nicoli Cole

This is a hot scene. Nicoli Cole’s dad rents out his boys’ hole to John Magnum to help with the bills. Once upstairs the guys have an amazingly hot fuck session!

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All Bottom Swagger "I assumed he was a top because he had a big dick and was a tall cocky fucker"


From Deviant Otter: “I met this fine ass dude about a month ago when I was having drinks with some buddies at one of our regular hangouts. I was eye fucking this dude hard from across the bar all night. He just had this swagger and confidence about him that kept drawing me in. I knew his buddy that he was there with, so I tried to get some intel out of him, but he told me the guy was straight. After enough beers I figured I would take my chances and chat this guy up anyway. Turns out that he was into dudes.”

“I jokingly proposed to this guy that he should drill my ass and let me film it because I didn’t think I had a chance anyway, but to my surprise he actually said he was down! We exchanged contacts and decided to get together that weekend. Then Saturday morning, the day he was supposed to come to town, I get at text from him saying, “I don’t think this is gonna work. To be honest I’m really not into topping that much.” I had just assumed he was a top because he had a big dick and was a tall cocky fucker. I told him I would gladly pound out his hole”

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Door-to-door shocker Salesman cops redneck's big penis


Salesman Sebastian Rivers and CJ Madison in “Chainsaw” (2008), and featured in TitanMen’s Rednecks: The Best of Joe Gage (2014).

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