My 2 Daddies Young homeless guy 'adopted' by gay couple

My 2 Daddies

Christmas miracle for a horny tramp

Aaron Bruiser finds a cute homeless guy on the streets, and explains how he and his husband have been looking to adopt a son. The young guy agrees to go back to the guy’s hotel room, where he can clean up with a hot bath, and have a place to stay for the night. Back in the room, young Luke strips naked while the mature man runs his bath…

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Big balls in the shower Active Duty's Niko and Jaxon

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Jaxon and Niko in the shower giving us an eyeful of muscles and big balls. Both he and Niko are buck naked, dripping wet, hard as a rock and making out under the water. Niko looks to be in heaven as he explores Jaxon’s body, admiring it from every angle possible, and bending Jaxon over to get a good view of his perfect ass. Gifs after the jump…

Leo Sweetwood fucked by Colby Jansen Colby Breaks Him In Part 2


Leo Sweetwood is finally on in a scene with Colby Jansen.  Titled “Colby Breaks Him In”, Leo’s tight ass gets a warm and rough welcome by one of the most popular porn stars in the world!

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My Brother In Law Part 4 Jaxton Wheeler & Urijah


Who wouldn’t want to get fucked by their brother in law if he looked like Jaxton Wheeler?

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Muscular mini-jocks fuck Tyler Hill and Daniel Ross


Whatever Daniel Ross is doing outside on the patio, it’s not nearly as fun as what he could be doing in the bedroom with Tyler Hill. The muscular mini-jock beckons Daniel to put down his phone with some deep tongue kissing and dick slurping.

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Before My Wife Gets Home Part 3 Diego Vena and Owen Michaels


Owen Michaels’ wife hired some new help to clean up after him. What she doesn’t know is her husband has a wandering eye for the dick, and the homo housekeeper’s gaydar catches his wandering eye a mile off.

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Cheating boyfriend fucked before hooking up with another guy Jarec Wentwork and Garrett Cooper in 'Unfaithful'


Cheating bottom texts a hot guy he’d met on the street the day before, arranging a hookup for after his bf leaves for work. When his naked boyfriend wakes up and asks who he’s texting, the horny bottom tells him it’s nothing, and changes the subject by going down on his throbbing morning wood.

Jarec Wentworth breaks in horny bottom Garrett Cooper for his first scene on gay porn megasite

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Twinks bareback – BelAmiOnline Jim Kerouac and Arne Coen

Arne Coen is the first newbie to  feature in Bel Ami Online‘s newcomer series. BAO says you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in 2015 as he’s very sexuaIIy curious and nothing is seems taboo for him. He starts to play with his ass using a toy but soon it turns into the real thing when Jim Kerouac unexpectedly turns up on the scene. Jim is a very experienced top and Arne knows that Jim’s c0ck is the only toy that can really make him expIode. This is a perfect 5 star scene that ends with Jim delivering his load into Arne’s mouth in a cIassic BelAmi money shot.

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Suited daddy fucks shoeshine boy Adam Champ fucks Allen King in 'Shine'


Adam Champ has got himself a brand new toy to play with – the young and very hung Allen King. And Adam’s rules are pretty simple, Allen has to do whatever he says, whenever he says, after all when you’re filthy rich you can do anything you like including treat your houseboy like a total slut. Gifs after the jump…