Hard Hookup: Hairy chested jock Cute alpha jock checks his profile messages, lays back and waits to be serviced

Jocky top Aspen is bored and has a boner, so he checks his Adam4Adam to see if there’s any willing sluts around. Robb Johnson is quick to message him, and heads over to Aspen’s to get fucked. He arrives at Aspen’s place, and slides the door open to see the jock laid back on the sofa with his baseball cap on backwards, his jeans down, and his cock out.

Robb sucks him off on the sofa, his head held tightly as his face is rammed repeatedly into Aspen’s crotch. The hairy-chested alpha wants more though, and directs the naked slut into his bedroom, throws him down onto the bed and takes his visitor’s ass.

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